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Voodoo Highway Reveal «Showdown» Details

Voodoo Highway Reveal «Showdown» Details

09 March
Italian hard rockers Voodoo Highway have revealed the cover artwork and track listing of their upcoming second studio album 'Showdown'.

Italian hard rockers Voodoo Highway have revealed the cover artwork and track listing of their upcoming second studio album 'Showdown'. The album's worldwide release is scheduled for April 26th via Dust On The Tracks Records through Sony (Europe), MVD (USA), RSK (UK), Universal (Canada).

'Showdown' was produced/mixed by Dysfunction Productions (Anthony Phillips, John Wetton, Logan Mader, etc.) and mastered by US senior mastering engineer Ue Nastasi (Gojira, AC/DC, Lamb Of God, Anthrax, Yngwie Malmsteen, etc.) from Sterling Sound Studios in New York. The album artwork for the effort features the hand of UK graphic designer Storm Thorgerson, who has previously worked with Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Dream Theater, and Audioslave, among many others.

Voodoo Highway will stage a release party to celebrate their new album 'Showdown' on April 6 at Sala Estense in Ferrara, Italy.

After the success of their first album 'Broken Uncle's Inn' back in 2011, the powerful quintet of Federico Di Marco (vocals), Filippo Cavallini (bass), Matteo Bizzarri (guitars), Alessandro Duo (keyboards) and Vincenzo Zairo (drums) are ready to strike the world with a massive amount of rock n' roll once again.

'If you never managed to drag yourself out of the seventies, still think shag pile carpet is the shit, Evel Kneivel is the daddy, and the 8-track is the future... then check out Voodoo Highway,' raved SleazeRoxx.com in a review of 'Broken Uncle's Inn" while former Rainbow/Black Sabbath/Gary Moore bassist Craig Gruber defined the band as 'the new Deep Purple'.

Known to most for their outrageous stage presence, crashing executions, a style that hovers between Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow and The Darkness, and for smashing instruments on stage, the year 2013 will see Voodoo Highway marching straight to Hell!

'Showdown' track listing:

01. This Is Rock'N'Roll Wankers!

02. Fly To The Rising Sun

03. Midnight Hour

04. Could You Love Me

05. Wastin' Miles

06. Church Of Clay

07. Mountain High

08. Cold White Love

09. A Spark From The Sacred Fire

10. Prince Of Moonlight

Bonus Tracks:

11. Till It Bleeds

12. Broken Uncles Inn

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com


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