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Gorky Park

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Band Gorky Park



Gorky Park (international title) or "Парк Горького" (Russian title) was a Soviet Russian glam metal band, that gained short-lived mainstream popularity in USA during the Perestroyka times. Gorky Park is famous for its kitch use of western stereotypes of russians, such as pseudo-traditional clothing, balalaika-like guitar design and Hammer and sickle as their logo. It was the first russian band to be aired on MTV.
In 1987 guitarist Alexey Belov, vocalist Nikolay Noskov, bassist Alexander "Big Sasha" Minkov
, guitarist Jan Janenkov, and drummer Alexander Lvov (formerly from Aria) came together to form Gorky Park. Stas Namin, a famous 70's soviet musician and a leader of Tsvety, became band's manager. Since Gorbachev has lifted the censorship, many of underground rock bands, including Gorky Park, became able to recieve more widespread popularity. Later that year the band left Russia for USA in search of a record deal.

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Алексей Белов
1987 - 2001, 2005 - Present

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Album has 2 releases