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Grand Funk Railroad

1969 / Present
United States United States

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Band Grand Funk Railroad



Grand Funk Railroad is an American hard rock band that formed in 1969 in Flint, Michigan, United States. Known for iconic rock hits such as the number ones "We're An American Band" and "The Loco-Motion", the band initially consisted of Mark Farner (vocals, guitar), Mel Schacher (bass) and Don Brewer (drums), with Craig Frost (keyboards) joining in 1972. During their career, the group has released 14 studio albums and their career sales total over 25 million records sold, including 10 million records sold in 1970 alone.
The band split in 1977 and reunited in 1980, splitting again in 1983. Since reuniting in 1996 they have remained active, although Farner left the band in 1999. The group currently consists of Max Carl (vocals), Bruce Kulick (guitar), Mel Schacher (bass), Tim Cashion (keyboards), and Don Brewer (drums, vocals).
Despite their name, their music is far from the style known as "funk"; the name "Grand Funk Railroad" is a play on Michigan's "Grand Trunk Western Railroad" line, and it was chosen before "funk" had become the name of a music genre. In 1968, suburban Michigan teens Don Brewer and Mark Farner quit Terry Knight and The Pack and recruited ? and The Mysterians bass player Mel Schacher to form a power trio inspired by contemporary rock n roll.

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Mel Schacher (bass guitar)
1967 - 1976, 1979 - 1980, 1995 - Present
Don Brewer (lead vocals, drums)
1967 - 1976, 1979 - 1982, 1995 - Present
Bruce Kulick (guitars)
1999 - Present
Max Carl (lead vocals)
1999 - Present
Tim Cashion (keyboard)
1999 - Present
Craig Frost (keyboard, background vocals)
1971 - 1976, 2004 - Present
Mark Farner (lead vocals, keyboard, harmonica, guitars)
1967 - 1976, 1979 - 1982, 1995 - 1998
Howard Eddy, Jr. (keyboard)
1995 - 1998
Dennis Bellinger (bass guitar)
1979 - 1982

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