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Ninja Gun

Rating: 1.19

Band Ninja Gun



Ninja Gun accomplishes something not many other bands are doing these days; writing catchy, melodic and well-thought out rock and roll songs. Ninja Gun’s Southern upbringing resonates throughout each song alongside a mischievous rebellious streak: the same mixture of discordant ideals that gave rise to rock and roll in the ‘40s and ‘50s. And while Ninja Gun’s music is packed with sing-along choruses, the lyrics often run deeper than the average radio-friendly hit. At times they are political, personal and often laced with cynical Southern commentary showcasing a great sense of humor that will shine through from stage, photo shoots, and late night sessions.
From poignant political jabs from a self-proclaimed “rube” to songs about escaping the fate of life growing up in the only town you know. Chasing destiny to change the path of the working class routine. Keeping faith in something: be it love, hard times, family, friends or good tunes played from the heart on the front porch. “Restless Rubes” allows you to feel the plight of the Southern small town working class band.
Musically they have more in common with 70’s power pop and Southern classic rock than punk rock, often turning gospel-inspired melodies back on themselves with an attack from a powerful distorted riff, leaving you only to be captured later by the memory of a chorus you just can’t shake. “Restless Rubes” is pop perfection. It is clean, loud, dynamic, and truly classic! It’s a powerful pop album in its truest sense. This is a sleeper album that years from now will be passed on from friend to friend and timelessly enjoyed.

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