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Roger Glover

30 Nov 1945
Great Britain Great Britain

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Person Roger Glover



Roger David Glover (b. November 30, 1945 in Brecon, Wales) is a Welsh bass guitarist and record producer, best known as songwriter and bassist for Deep Purple.
Born near Brecon, Wales, Glover moved with his family to London, England at the age of ten. Around that time, Glover's interests started to shift towards rock music, and by the time he was thirteen, Glover began playing guitar. While in school, Glover formed his first band, Madisons, with a group of friends, which later merged together with a rival band to become Episode Six, a band which later featured Glover's future Deep Purple bandmate, vocalist Ian Gillan. The two left Episode Six in 1969 to join Deep Purple.
After spending four years with Deep Purple, where the band saw their most successful releases in albums Deep Purple in Rock and Machine Head, Glover left the band to become a record producer for such bands as Judas Priest, Nazareth and Elf. He also released two of his solo albums, Butterfly Ball in 1974, and Elements in 1978, before rejoining his Deep Purple bandmate, Ritchie Blackmore, in the band Rainbow, where he worked on five of the band's albums. He then returned briefly to his solo career, recording his third solo album Mask in 1984. During that year, Deep Purple reformed and Glover returned to his old band, where he performs to this day.

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Deep Purple (bass guitar)
1984 April - Present, 1969 July - 1973 June
1977 - 1983

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