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Lori Goldston

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1993 July - 1994 January




Lori Goldston is an American cellist. She was the touring cellist for Nirvana from 1993–1994 and appears on their live album MTV Unplugged in New York. She is a member of Earth, the Black Cat Orchestra, and Spectratone International.

“Goldston’s music constituted a kind of physical enactment of listening. She began in silence — absorbing the moment and the film — and then her sound emerged, shifting and responding to what she took in. This dynamic, listening (as well as its companion problem of not being heard), was a constant problem at the Works. In the bigger halls, it rarely appeared to matter. Performances on the main stages, whether pleasing or disappointing, came and went as thought the moment was neither here nor there, simply a wrinkle in the endlessly unfolding fabric of the artist’s motion through the world.”

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