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Gilby Clarke

17 Aug 1962
United States United States


Member of

Guns N’ Roses (electric guitar)
1991 November - 1993


Studio Album

Album has 1 releases


Gilby Clarke is a guitarist who was born in Cleveland, Ohio on August 17, 1962. He has been a guitarist for various bands, most famously as the rhythm guitarist for Guns N' Roses.

In the early 80's, Gilby was a member of the pop band Candy which recorded the album "Whatever Happened To Fun." He left the band sometime in the mid 80's to form the metal band Kill For Thrills as lead singer and rhythm guitarist, while the rest of Candy went on to turn into Electric Angels. Kill For Thrills recorded an EP ("Commercial Suicide") and LP ("Nightmare In Dynamiteland") before Gilby got the call to replace Izzy Stradlin as rhythm guitarist in Guns N' Roses in November of 1991.

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