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Duff McKagan

05 Feb 1964
United States United States


Member of

Guns N’ Roses (electric bass guitar)
1985 June - 1997 August
Velvet Revolver


Studio Album

Album has 1 releases
Album has 1 releases



Michael Andrew McKagan, better known as Duff 'Rose' McKagan, was born February 5 1964. He is an American musician and bassist, who is best known for his thirteen-year tenure in the 1980s hard rock band Guns N' Roses. He is currently the bassist for the groups Velvet Revolver and Jane's Addiction as well as the guitarist and lead vocalist for his own group Loaded (also known as Duff McKagan's Loaded).

Michael Andrew McKagan was born in Seattle, Washington, the youngest of eight children born to Elmer and Alice Marie McKagan. They were a somewhat musical family with every member playing at least one instrument. It was his brother Bruce who taught him his first bass chords.

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