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Michael Bruce

16 Mar 1948
United States United States


Member of

Alice Cooper (keyboard, guitar)


Studio Album

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Mike Bruce (born Michael Owen Bruce on 16 March 1948) is a US rock musician. He was a guitarist, keyboard player and backing vocalist for the original Alice Cooper group (Vincent Furnier aka Alice Cooper / Michael Bruce / Glen Buxton / Dennis Dunaway / Neal Smith).

Bruce co-wrote many of the hit songs with some or all of the other members of the band. There are several Bruce-only songs including "Be My Lover from Killer. Bruce also sang lead vocal on the majority of "Sing Low, Sweet Cheerio" on the first album Pretties For You and all of "Below Your Means" and "Beautiful Flyaway" on the follow-up Easy Action, prior to the band's breakthrough album Love It to Death on the Warner Bros label, the first Alice Cooper album produced by Bob Ezrin. The Alice Cooper group broke up in 1974.

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