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David Byron

29 Jan 1947 — 28 Feb 1985
United Kingdom United Kingdom


Member of

Uriah Heep
1969 - 1976


Studio Album

Album has 2 releases
Album has 2 releases



David Byron (born David Garrick; 29 January 1947 - 28 February 1985) was the original lead vocalist for Spice (from 1967 through 1969) and is most famous for singing in the legendary English rock band, Uriah Heep between 1969 and 1976.

Despite his vocal range (paired with a sense of dynamics), and a charismatic stage presence, Byron was dismissed from Uriah Heep in 1976, at the demand of keyboardist Ken Hensley (the band's primary songwriter), who gave the ultimatum "it's him or me" to band manager Gerry Bron, citing Byron's increasingly erratic behaviour due to alcohol abuse. He unsuccessfully attempted to revive his career with Rough Diamond (a band also featuring former members of Humble Pie and Wings), a second solo album, and The Byron Band. Mick Box and Trevor Bolder of Uriah Heep invited Byron to re-join the band in 1980, but Byron refused. He died of alcohol related complications in 1985. The coroner's report cited epilepsy and fatty liver.

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