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Matt Sorum

19 Nov 1960
United States United States


Member of

Guns N’ Roses (drums)
1990 - 1997
The Cult
Velvet Revolver




Matt Sorum (b. November 19, 1960, in Long Beach, California) is a hard rock drummer and percussionist. Sorum has played in such hard rock bands as Hawk, The Cult, Slash's Snakepit, Velvet Revolver and Guns N' Roses. He also played drums on a couple of songs with Johnny Crash in 1989 with their one and only album Neighbourhood Threat.

Matt Sorum started out in Mission Viejo, California as a local hot musician. Wearing trademark "Union Jack" shorts and nothing else, he used to pound a huge acrylic drumset and overpower his first band "Prophecy", where he stood out and the rest of the band just disappeared. A local songwriter, Stephen Douglas, pulled him from the band and joined him with other talented musicians in the area to form "Chateau", a wall-of-sound band with grandiose themes and sounds in their songs. Matt endured several scrapes with danger during that time, owing to his illicit drug usage, mainly cocaine. Chateau played the Hollywood circuit, appearing at Gazzarri's and almost getting into a fight with the original members of the band "Ratt", which at the time was known as "Mickey Ratt".

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