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Gary Husband

14 Jun 1960
United Kingdom United Kingdom


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Level 42
1988 - 1993


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Husband is one of a rare breed of musicians in that his expression is divided equally in his capacity as a drummer and a keyboardist of international repute. His classical roots, his quest and development in the improvisational, jazz and jazz/fusion areas - not to mention his tenure in the pop, rock, funk and blues circuits - are all evident inside Gary's distinct and far-reaching musical personality. His solo album and DVD output over the last few years has also reinforced his status as a critically acclaimed writer and arranger in the contemporary music world.

In 1999 he formed GARY HUSBAND NEW TRIO (featuring bassist MICK HUTTON and drummer GENE CALDERAZZO) leading from the piano and keyboards. Material from this period was best represented on the (for the moment deleted) CD releases “FROM THE HEART” and "ASPIRE - GARY HUSBAND & FRIENDS".

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