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Tommy Stinson

06 Oct 1966
United States United States


Member of

Guns N’ Roses (electric bass guitar)
1998 - Present


Studio Album

Album has 1 releases


Album has 1 releases


Tommy Stinson (born Thomas Eugene Stinson, 6 October, 1966 in Minneapolis, USA), currently a member of Guns N' Roses, was one of the founding members of the legendary 1980s alternative band The Replacements. Just 12 years old when he joined, Stinson played bass for The Replacements until their breakup in 1991.

He then formed the short-lived bands Bash & Pop who in 1993 released one album Friday Night Is Killing Me and then later, Perfect, who released an EP in 1996 titled When Squirrels Play Chicken. In 1997 their album Seven Days a Week was shelved due to record company problems.

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