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Andrea Corr

17 May 1974
Ireland Ireland


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The Corrs


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Andrea Jane Corr, MBE (born May 17, 1974) is the lead singer and writes most of the lyrics for the Irish folk-rock band The Corrs. She also plays the tin whistle.

She was born in Dundalk, County Louth, Ireland, the youngest daughter of Jean and Gerry Corr, two musicians. She and her elder siblings, sisters Caroline (b. 1973) and Sharon Corr (b. 1970) and brother Jim (b. 1964), formed The Corrs to audition for the 1991 film The Commitments. Although all four appeared in the film, Andrea was the only one to be given a speaking part. But several years later, in another fleeting appearance in a major film, she was wanted strictly for a singing role - it was the musical Evita, in which she played Juan Peron's mistress, who is abruptly displaced by Madonna's title character. She stands 5'1" tall, making her the shortest of the four Corr siblings.

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